Sniper Elite 5

Marksman Event

It's kill or be killed in our first ever Sniper Elite 5 Live Event. Think you've got what it takes to join us on the battlefield?


Earn exclusive in-game rewards, merch discounts and more by working together to hit shared Community goals.

How do I participate in this event?

We’ve set all Sniper Elite 5 players 3 x targets to complete in-game, so simply play as you normally would to participate! Keep an eye on your collaborative progress over the 2 weeks via this webpage.

Is the event applicable to all platforms?

Yes – this live event is available to anyone who owns Sniper Elite 5.

How does the points system work?

Simply kill your opponents using any of the specified methods above (e.g. headshots at a distance, testicle shots or invading player kills) to contribute points to the 3 x objective trackers. If the Community collectively hit the targets set, they will unlock the M81 Scope, the P.K Berlin Scope and a 25% Discount on Sniper Elite Merchandise.

When does the event end?

We’ll be tracking your efforts from Monday 11th July – Monday 25th July 2022 and prizes will be distributed on Tuesday 26th July should the Community hit the specified targets.

Do I need to start a new save to begin contributing to the objectives?

No. You can start participating at any time in existing or new saves.

Which weapons will I be able attach the scopes to?

The P.K Berlin scope will be available on the RSC 1918, G43 and Kar98k whilst the M81 scope will be available on the M1 Carbine and SREM.

Which modes to these objectives apply to?

You can contribute to the above Sniper or Marksman target trackers during any game mode. To contribute points to the Invasion Kills tracker, you’ll need to obtain AI kills in the standard campaign or via Invasion Mode where you can obtain points for Invading Player kills or Allied player kills.

How do I find fellow troops to play with?

Join our Discord server to join your comrades, share tips and tricks and revel in the glory of your success.

I have a bug, how do I contact support?

If you’re experiencing a bug in-game, please do drop us a ticket via our support portal with as much supporting information as possible, including visual evidence and a DxDiag where relevant.

I don’t have Sniper Elite 5, how do I get hold of it so I can participate?

Sniper Elite 5 is available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4 | 5, Steam | Windows Store. Head over to the Buy Now section of our website to learn more and get your copy.

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