Sniper Elite 5 | Landing Force DLC | Update 1.21

July 26th 2022

Attention snipers,

Welcome to the latest update from the Sniper Elite 5 development team here at Rebellion.It has been a busy time in the studio as we have just launched our first big batch of additional content for the game since its release in May. You can see a trailer showcasing the new content here.

Firstly, we are delighted to announce that we have just released a brand-new multiplayer map free to all players. ‘Flooded Village’ is available in all multiplayer modes, including No Cross. All you need to do is make sure that your game is updated.

The new map draws inspiration from the images of Normandy during the events of D-Day, as the Nazis deliberately opened locks and breached flood defences in an effort to keep the Allied Forces at bay.

The images shows a train passing through a flooded village.

With a number of great vantage points, ideal for No Cross, as well as lowlands a causeway and railway bridge, Flooded Village offers its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for great solo and team based multiplayer warfare. Make sure you try it out!

We have also just launched the first selection of content from Season Pass One including a new mission called ‘Landing Force’ and two new weapons.

Available to buy either as part of the Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack or as part of the full Season Pass One the new content is live on digital stores now.

Landing Force takes place on its own sprawling island off the coast of southern France. The Nazis have taken what was once a luxury resort and weaponised it to become the ultimate coastal defence.

The image shows an Axis cliffside base at night.

Inspired by the classic film ‘The Guns of Navarone’ the new mission is dominated by a huge gun battery that has been carved into the mountainside and provides a looming threat over the entire map.

Set at night to intensify the feeling of stealth, our hero Karl Fairburne, lands on the island tasked with taking out the gun battery before shutting down the nearby lighthouse. This will give the signal to the Allied fleet that they can now begin Operation Dragoon in an effort to take back control of France. 

There is an awful lot for you to explore and discover on the island including a variety of different buildings, scenery, and landscapes as well as ancient ruins, forts, walls, and abandoned structures. All of these will reveal more of the history of the island as well as providing Karl with key intelligence about his mission. We think you’re going to love it!

We also have two new weapons launching today – one for stealth play (the D.L. Carbine) and the other for more bombastic moments (PPSH submachine gun).

Thanks to its integrated suppressor and subsonic ammunition, the D.L. Carbine is one of the quietest firearms ever made. It can eliminate targets at long-range producing only the merest whisper. This helps to make it the perfect weapon for covert operations behind enemy lines and therefore ideal for players in Sniper Elite 5.

The image shows Karl Fairburne holding a D.L. Carbine rifle, observing a factory.

On the louder side we have the PPSH submachine gun, which is also available now. Firing at an astonishing rate of over 1100 rounds per minute it is often referred to as the “burp gun” thanks to the noise it creates when fired.

The PPSH is the perfect “get out of jail” card for those moments when things go wrong and you need to get out of a bad situation. Hold down the trigger and let the carnage commence.

However, a gun that gets through rounds as quickly as this will also need a bigger magazine so be sure to search out the hidden workbench that will unlock the 71-round drum.

Image shows Karl Fairburne holding a PPSH submachine gun in a poppy field watching an enemy procession.

Both of the new weapons and the Landing Force mission are available to buy now as part of the Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack or as part of Season Pass One. The Flooded Village multiplayer map is free to all players now while the P.1938 Suppressed pistol, previously only available as a pre-order item, is also now available to purchase.

The keen eyed sharp shooters amongst you will have noticed a significant update has just been deployed. We hope you are all enjoying the Landing Force DLC and the free Flooded Village multiplayer map. Below is a list of the contents of the update, as well as a number of the bugs that were fixed.

New Sniper Elite 5 Content:

⭐ Added free 'Flooded Village' multiplayer map

The new Multiplayer map "Flooded Village" pits players against one another across the vast fields and paths of a rural farming village that’s been intentionally flooded in order to prevent allied aircraft from landing. Flooded Village can be played in all multiplayer modes, including No Cross and boasts the longest shots so far in SE5's multiplayer to date. There are plenty of vantage points to be found here and more mobile players will find a number of useful flanking routes.

⭐ Added a 'Shooting Range'

We've added a new Shooting Range' area that contains everything you need in order to fine tune your arsenal prior to entering the field. There are a number of ranges that contain targets at known distances, so you can get the hang of 'zeroing' your scope, try out different attachments and build optimal loadouts for each of the game modes. You can access different loadouts, game modes and difficulty settings via and in game workbench, which can be found next to each of the ranges. The Shooting Range itself can be accessed from the main menu.

⭐ Invite your friends to join as Invaders using the social menu

We've added a much requested feature that allows players that have been invited to games via the 'Invite Code' system to choose to join as an enemy Invader or a co-operative partner.Added Support for 'Landing Force' Mission and Weapon Pack (D.L. Carbine, PPSH, 'Landing Force' Mission)

⭐ Added support for 'Kick Voting'

During multiplayer matches, any player can now start a vote to kick another player via the 'player card'. Other players are then notified, and are able to vote. If a player hasn't voted by the time the timer expires, it counts as a 'no', There are cooldown timers preventing a single player from initiating new votes against lots of different players. You also can't kick a player if the result would be an empty team. Results are calculated as a simple majority.

⭐ Mark as "Ready" to start sooner

Players entering multiplayer lobbies now have a 'Ready' checkbox they can freely toggle on/off. When the majority of players have confirmed they're ready, a countdown timer will be auto initiated (in custom lobbies). If all players are ready, any active timer is dramatically shortened (quickmatch and custom lobbies). In either case, the game will start when the timer expires.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple pieces of TNT to be thrown instead of one
  • Blocked a gap that allowed players to cross the barrier in the No-Cross map 'Urban Ruins'
  • The 'Leather Hood' attachment for the Karabiner 98 now unlocks correctly in Multiplayer
  • The 'Reinforced Band' attachment for the Karabiner 98 now unlock correctly In Multiplayer. For those of you that have already achieved the stated 50 kills, you will need to get one more to trigger the unlock
  • Fixed an issue in Atlantic Wall that caused problems to players climbing the vines on the side of Marcel's house
  • Players can now re-bind the 'W' and 'S' keys, and the 'Fire' and 'aim' Actions on keyboard.
  • The 'No Stone Unturned' Achievement now unlock correctly
  • Issues engaging with Hitler on Wolf Mountain have now been resolved
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with Ehrlich in War Factory's Kill List objective
  • Resolved an issue where players were unable to exfiltrate from the Spy Academy mission
  • Med kits should now work as normal
  • Reworked the 'New Campaign' difficulty menu to be more intuitive.
  • Improved the behaviour of the 'weapon wheel' menu when using the Steam Controller.
  • Input icons now show correctly for Steam, Nintendo Pro, Xbox and PlayStation Controllers.

We appreciate your continued support and feedback. Thank you to members of the community who have submitted bug reports. Please keep them coming, as they assist in improving your Sniper Elite 5 experience. Keep them coming as and when you experience any difficulties - contact our support team through our Help Centre.

Don't forget to stay up to date with all the latest Sniper Elite 5 intel by following us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube or by joining your fellow comrades in the official Rebellion Discord.

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