Sniper Elite 5 | Conqueror DLC mission & Free Survival Map

November 28th 2022


Rebellion is turning 30! To celebrate this momentous milestone we're gifting our incredible Sniper Elite 5 Community a FREE content pack alongside the final Season Pass One update.

Available now, the FREE Airborne Elite Pack pays tribute to Rebellion's British heritage and includes the iconic British Paratrooper character skin, the much-requested Lee No. 4 bolt-action rifle and a Union Jack weapon skin for the Welrod pistol. Additionally, the final content for Season Pass One, including a thrilling mission called Conqueror, is also available now as is a new Survival Map called Tide of War, which is available for free to all players. Watch the trailer:

Airborne Elite Pack

Karl Fairburne stands in a field of yellow flowers dressed in his Airborne Elite attire.

The British Lee No.4 is famous for its ergonomics and ability to lay down shots rapidly via the ‘minute man’ hold, a special grip used to grip the bolt to reciprocate the bolt extremely quickly. It offers the shooter great stability, accuracy, and with a 10-round magazine, is very versatile with the powerful 303 British round.

Combine the stunning Lee No.4 rifle with the new Karl Parachute Regiment Character Skin and Union Jack Weapon Skin to complete your distinctly British military look.

Included in this free pack:

  • Lee No.4 Weapon Pack (Rifle + Attachments)
  • Parachute Regiment Character Skin (Karl variant)
  • Union Jack Weapon Skin for Welrod

Conqueror Mission, Weapon and Skin Pack

Introduction from Flix InteractiveHello from the Sniper Elite team at Flix Interactive!

If you’ve played Landing Force, the first DLC mission included in the Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass, you have hopefully already enjoyed content created by our Sniper Elite team. Since then, we've been working hard alongside Rebellion and it's a pleasure to introduce the latest and final DLC mission for Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass One, Conqueror.

Lore and Setting

Conqueror is based on The Battle for the Falaise Pocket, an important event in WWII which took place in 1944, during which the allied forces formed a pocket around Falaise to cut off the German retreat. A key structure in this battle was the castle Chateaux de Falaise, famous for being the birth site of William the Conqueror, and colloquially known as Château Guillaume le Conquérant or William the Conqueror's Castle. This medieval fortress sits in the heart of the Conqueror mission and must be liberated from the Nazi forces.

Karl Fairburne stands holding his Lee No.4 rifle. In the background a castle stands on top of rock rubble. Nazi flags align the battlements.

Concept, buildings, lighting, Art and Design

The player starts in an allied camp where their fellow soldiers have set up base behind a ridge overlooking the castle, halted in their advance by heavy German resistance. Looking out over the area, the castle looms over a countryside ravaged by war with patrolling Nazis waiting expectantly for a show of force. The overcast weather and moody lighting set the mood for a region which was heavily bombed by the allies and left with billowing plumes of smoke and smouldering fire.

We really liked the idea of using the natural cover of the countryside to hide your advance by weaving between bushes, trees, sheds and farming equipment to sneak up on your unsuspecting victims. The open nature of the map, with countryside fields and open roads means sightlines are crucial for navigating safely to the town or village so watch your 6!

This initial area requires the player to make a choice between three approaches – to go through the village, the town or a possible third option. Choice has always been a prevalent feature in the Sniper Elite games, and we wanted to continue pulling at this thread to make each playthrough unique. This map is as vast as it is detailed and you’ll find that there are plenty of secrets to discover.

A castle and battlements sit on the edge of a cliff.

If daring enough to take out the Nazi snipers hiding amongst the heavily damaged buildings and urban landscape, the player is rewarded with impressive views over the ruined streets from which to pick out troops on the ground and plan their advance towards the castle. If you manage to fight your way to the end destination of the ancient Falaise castle, you will encounter a labyrinth of decrepit ruins infested by Nazis requiring close combat stealth and careful, deliberate strategy. Konig is the mastermind officer that has holed himself up in his office and must be assassinated. Fight your way to the very top and hoist the flag to signal the allies to liberate Falaise once and for all.

It's been an absolute pleasure to work on Conqueror and we are thrilled that the mission is releasing alongside Rebellion’s 30th anniversary celebrations. In addition to the mission, players will also receive the Drilling Shotgun. This Triple-barrelled Luftwaffe survival shotgun is devastating at close-range and still effective at distance when combined with Slug shells and a precision ironsight. Finally, the Oak Leaf Paint Weapon Skins gives weaponry a great new look that will help players blend into the undergrowth.

It is always a privilege for our team at Flix Interactive to work with Rebellion (and the wonderful Rebellion community!) and we would like to wish the entire team a very happy 30th anniversary. Here’s to another 30!

Included in this pack:

Tide of War Survival Map

Blue Viper shoots her Thompson SMG on the new Tide of War Survivor map. Bodies of the recently deceased lay nearby.

Playable in both single player and co-op the new free Survival Map called ‘Tide of War’ is also available now to all players. Taking players back to the beachhead town of Colline-Sur-Mer, Tide of War presents an ever-changing challenge as they fight on wide open sands and sea front, through narrow twisting streets and inland into open fields.

The environment can be used to the players advantage to flank enemy forces but beware as it can also work against you. The players will need to use all their stealth, sniping and combat skills to survive wave after wave of oncoming Nazi forces and vehicles.

Full Patch Notes:

Confirmed Fixes

  • Player model no longer freezes when going from 'Sprint' to 'Drop Body' while carrying AI ragdoll.
  • The issue stopping some players from being able to change weapons after picking up multiple dead bodies has now been resolved.
  • Multiplayer - lobby no longer fails to load clients into the game and will no longer return players to the lobby unexpectedly.
  • Multiplayer - Kraken's Lair/Sub Pen - Player is now not able to get out of bounds by going prone at tip of submarine.
  • When joining games between Xbox Platforms and PS5, players no longer receive 'The connection to the game timed out (12011)' error.
  • Axis Invasion – Game no longer fails to take input when the rematch request from axis sniper gets timed out on the result screen.
  • Survival - Amongst the Rubble - Body Drop Animation is no longer skipped when triggered while in motion.
  • PS4 - Placeholder white boxes are now not seen on the mission select screens if the title is launched after just the initial chunk is installed.
  • Atlantic Wall - Town/Docks - Animation for takedown no longer looks out of sync when on the ledge of Hermann Kraus balcony and dropping below.
  • Atlantic Wall - Small window on exterior bunker door no longer allows players to see out of world.
  • Spy Academy - Main Church - It is now not possible for a player to drop through the floor and into the room with the Kill Target when hanging next to the stairs in the attic.
  • War Factory - Start & Entry Route - Player character no longer gets stuck in a hanging position after jumping from the wooden platform and grabbing the wooden beam located in that area.
  • Wolf Mountain - Missing bolt cutters are now available.
  • Unlocalised description of 'Shooting Range' is no longer present on the Main menu.
  • Localization - SPA, GER, Kor, ITA, TCH - Missing translation has now been added when picking up pistol ammo.
  • Localisation - KOR, SPA, GER, JAP, POR - Missing translation has now been added for shotgun shells shown in radial menu.
  • Win & Co 1885 Missing Reticle / Crosshair on Scope error has been rectified.
  • Skills – Players using the 'auto spend' points feature will now be able to successfully unlock the final skill when hitting level 40.
  • Loadout - Secondary Weapons - Peadot camo skin now appears on the Type 100 SMG during transition to ADS.
  • DLC - Up Close and Personal pack - The 'Up close and personal' DLC pack is now present in the store as expected.

Stay up to date with all things Sniper Elite via our social channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We stream most Thursdays via Twitch and chat regularly with the wonderful Community via the official Rebellion Discord channel.

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