Sniper Elite 5 | Death from Above DLC and Free No-Cross Map

April 6th 2023

Snipers unite,

Intel from HQ now confirms the arrival of Death From Above, the latest content pack for Sniper Elite 5’s Season Pass Two. Not only that, but snipers can also get their hands on the FREE No-Cross multiplayer map The Dam which includes enough vantage points to keep even the MOST elite sniper occupied for a few more weeks.

Before we dive into all the latest content and for anyone new joining us, our extended patch notes are available at the end of this News post. In other words, scroll down for more! 👇

The site of a recently bombed dam. The area consists of lots of crates and cranes.

Death From Above delivers a brand new rifle in the shape of the Pedersen as well as a British Dazzle skin for use across all weapons. Also included in this pack is an Air Auxiliary Skin for Monika and the rather suave British Bomber skin for our ever-debonair Karl Fairburne, promising style and class, even in the brutalist of combat scenarios.

Blast your way onto the battlefield and check out the latest Sniper Elite 5 trailer here:

New Weapon

The Pedersen rifle was proposed as part of a program to adopt a semi-automatic replacement to the M1903. It features no scope options but is arguably best-in-class for ironsight usage and is capable of firing fast, accurate shots at medium range, with great overall stability.

A Pedersen rifle set down on a work bench.

The Pedersen offers a fantastic alternative to weapons like the Gewehr 1943 which may achieve slightly higher damage but posses poor recoil. The Pederson on the other hand has very little recoil and so the gun can be rapidly fired whilst still maintaining accuracy.

New Weapon Skin

Players will also receive the striking British Dazzle weapon skin for all weapons, which pays homage to the dazzle camouflage design used on British tanks during desert campaigns.

A selection of World War 2 weapons draped in the British Dazzle Weapon Skin.

New Character Skins

Finally, both Karl and Monika receive new character skins. The British Bomber skin for Karl gives him a distinct aviator look while the Air Auxiliary skin for Monika reflects the uniforms worn by the women’s air-corps whose job was to transport new or repaired planes to active military airfields throughout the UK.

Monika Grep in her Air Auxiliary skin.Karl Fairburne hides behind sand bags watching two Japanese soldier converse.

FREE No-Cross Map

Alongside this release, all players will receive a new No-Cross multiplayer map called The Dam which takes players to the remains of a dam that has been partly destroyed by the Allied bombing campaign.

Karl Fairburne shoots his Pedersen rifle toward unseen enemies in The Dam. He is wearing the British Bomber skin.

Where is the divide we hear you ask snipers? On this occasion, the river and broken bridges divide the two sides of the map with one side providing ample cover and sniping positions thanks to a tangle of pipework and industrial railings. Players on the opposite side can instead utilise the higher, more natural terrain to their advantage.

And with that, it's time to return to the battlefield in style troops! The Dam awaits 🎯

Full Patch Notes:

Snipers, thank you for your ongoing feedback regarding Rebellion’s Dedicated Servers and for your responses to last month’s Discord vote ( We’ve just rolled out our latest updates to these spaces which prioritise server visibility and Community-favoured game settings. Changes are as follows:

  • Locked Game Modes – First and foremost, our server spaces are now locked to individual game mode settings which will include Team Match, No-Cross and one additional server with rotating game modes. Maps will then rotate based on the server game mode.
  • Scope Glint & Last Known Location – Many of you requested the removal of both scope glint and the ‘last known location’ feature so these will be removed in the 2 x Team Match and 2 x No Cross servers in our US and UK regions.
  • Server Name Update – We’re aware that for some of you, these spaces weren’t as visible as they could be so we’ve now adapted the server names to ensure it’s clear that these are Rebellion-hosted spaces. They will all include ‘[OFFICIAL]’, followed by the previously used server names (e.g. Kraken), then the acronym for the game mode that applies. ‘TDM’ refers to Team Match, ‘NC’ refers to No-Cross and ‘ALL’ refers to a rotating selection of game modes. 

Looking to the future, we’re still exploring ways we might build on these spaces further but for now, the priority is providing a secure, uninterrupted Multiplayer experience that our Community can rely on as an alternative to peer-to-peer hosting.

Keep the feedback coming and watch this space for more in the coming months!

In the meantime, here's an extended list of our latest bug fixes, including a fix for the Trench Gun Shell Loop attachment and what we think will be a very popular update for the Mosin-Nagant following extensive Community feedback that it just wasn't quite hitting hard enough. We think you'll like this one!


  • Trench Gun - Shell Loops Attachment can now be unlocked as expected. Players who have already met the unlock requirements will only need to get one more kill to trigger the unlock.
  • Wolf Mountain - Hitler and his car now appear as expected.
  • Wolf Mountain - Depot - Player is now able to vault over low walls next to the road before the tunnel.
  • Rough landing - Player is not longer able to get stuck under boxes while prone.
  • Rough landing - Player is no longer able to go behind the collision barrier.
  • Rough landing - Railyard – Camera no longer shakes and player no longer stands on invisible collision.
  • Rough landing - Railyard - Transparent texture seam no longer present in wall.
  • War Factory - Translated text for 'Found Shipping warehouse safe combination' now appears aligned after killing the logistic officer in the warehouse.
  • Secret Weapons - Castle - (Hide) Body crate is now empty on mission start.
  • Demolitionist Ribbon - Ribbon is now tracking properly with Grenade and Pressure Mine combined.


  • Following Community feedback, the Mosin-Nagant's muzzle velocity has been increased from 800 m/s to 860 m/s, the damage increased from 130 HP to 140 HP and the spread accuracy increased from 48cm to 52 cm.
  • The M40 attachment is now included as an attachment for the Mosin-Nagant.
  • Trench Warfare - Carl Gustav M45 - Audio now present when reloading the Carl Gustav M45.
  • Trench Warfare - Trench Gun - Bayonet attachment now works properly when equipped.
  • Trench Warfare - The appropriate holding animation of Carl Gustav m/1945 is now observed while walking in ADS view during gameplay.


  • (POR, SPA) - Text box no longer overflows outside border when using a keyboard and mouse setup
  • (GER, FRE, RUS, JAP) - Summary of difficulty settings no longer overlaps UI elements within the pause menu.
  • (POL) - Text for the Health Regeneration option in Advanced Difficulty settings no longer overlap left and right arrows when Menu text is set to 'Large'.
  • (FRE) - Visit Store - 'Airborne elite weapon and skin pack' text is now properly aligned and visible on the Visit store screen banner after changing the 'Menu Text Size' 2 of 4.
  • (FRE , RUS) - Loadout and Customisations - Gun Stats - displayed Projectiles Per Minute statistic no longer overlaps the UI box.


  • Player character hand is no longer deformed after taking aim in shoulder view with the Sjogren Inertia shotgun.
  • The crawling animation now works as expected when aiming with a Panzerfaust and moving in prone position.
  • Schu mines now explode upon shooting at them while the timer is running.
  • Wrecker Ribbon – The correct description text for Wrecker ribbon now displays.

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