Sniper Elite 5 | Photo Mode Competition WINNERS

August 19th 2022

Snipers unite!

Sniper Elite 5's debut Photo Mode competition has now come to an end! As the first game in the saga to include Photo Mode, we gave players the chance to really show off their panoramic prowess on the battlefield…

Those that entered were encouraged to make use of the theme of 'Light' for a chance to bag a rare and exclusive Sniper Elite 5 bundle, along with the Sniper Elite board game series:

As usual, we were overwhelmed by all of your submissions, which made it incredibly difficult for our Sniper Elite Dev team to whittle entries down to just three finalists. These three stunning captures were then showcased to the Community via Discord and Twitter where YOU chose your victors!

In first place, with an epic shot of Karl Fairburne making his way through the poppy fields, is DXFalcon:

In second place, with a cracking shot of the shadow of Karl Fairburne sneaking up on and enemy, is UncivilMango:

In third place, with a birds eye shot of an Allied fighter making their way across a red carpet, is matrixmod:

Whilst these three glorious captures stole the Development team's hearts, our honourable mentions also include:

Capture by Hauptmann

Capture by CaoSaoVang

Capture by BrutalBarracuda

Capture by 🇵🇱Penguinnn39

Though this event has now concluded, never fear! There will be plenty of opportunities to take part in future giveaways and competitions via our many Community/Social spaces! We also [i]always [/i]love seeing your Sniper Elite 5 captures so keep them coming for a chance to feature on our official channels!

Don't forget to stay up to date with all the latest Sniper Elite 5 intel by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube or by joining your fellow comrades in the official Rebellion Discord.

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