SNIPER ELITE 5 | Rough Landing DLC Mission & Free Trench Warfare Weapons Pack

March 3rd 2023


Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass Two has LANDED! We're kick-starting the season with the thrilling new campaign mission ‘Rough Landing’ as well as two authentically recreated iconic weapons, the MUCH-requested Mosin-Nagant rifle and the Sjögren shotgun.

To celebrate the start of our Season Pass Two content drops and Sniper Elite 5's launch on the Epic Store, we've also just released a brand new Trench Warfare Weapon Pack for free across all platforms (available to download separately), including the Axis blitzing Carl Gustav M/1945 SMG, the show-stopping Trench Gun and the small but ever deadly Double 1866 pistol.

In addition to the Epic Store Sniper Elite 5 is also available to buy on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4 & 5, Steam and Windows Store.

Rough Landing Mission and Weapon Pack

A female soldier stands watching over a downed plane holding a silenced pistol.

Allied airmen have been shot down over a dense forest and are now in hiding as they are being hunted by Nazi forces. It’s down to you to find and rescue the airmen and ensure that valuable intelligence is kept out of enemy hands.

Featuring thick woodland, a cramped mine shaft and a village to explore, expect a variety of challenges, including close quarters combat. You can brave the mission as either a solo sniper or you can co-op with a fellow spotter. Best of luck troopers!

New additions to your loadout

A Mosin Nagant beauty shot. The image shows the Beech and Elm Wood variants skins.

To help in your pursuit and rescue of the airmen, you will receive two new weapons: the much-anticipated return of the Mosin-Nagant rifle and introducing the Sjögren Inertia shotgun.

A famously powerful and reliable Russian rifle, the Mosin-Nagant has excellent stopping power and great stability making it an excellent sniper rifle at very long range. Meanwhile the 12G Swedish Sjögren Inertia was one of the first semi-automatic shotguns. It has a distinctive feel to its recoil, which can be controlled to deliver accurate shots at a reasonable rate of fire.

Included in this pack:

  • Rough Landing campaign mission
  • Mosin-Nagant rifle
  • Sjögren shotgun

Rough Landing is available to buy now as the first content drop of Season Pass Two (with more to follow in the coming weeks) or as an individual purchase.

Trench Warfare Weapon Pack

A soldier holds a trench gun with a bayonet attached.

This FREE Weapon Pack gives you more devastating firepower, specifically for those unpredictable close quarters combat scenarios.

The Carl Gustav M/1945, better known as the Swedish K, was adopted in 1945, taking features from various World War 2 firearms to produce a reliable and well-balanced sub-machine gun. Firing at 600 rounds-per-minute, the Gustav provides accurate single shots, whilst also offering great control in continuous fire.

A powerful pump-action shotgun, the Trench Gun first saw use by US Forces during World Wars I & II. Fed with 12-gauge shells from its 6-round tube magazine, it sacrifices range and fire rate for extreme damage in close quarters.

Finally, the Double 1866 is a double-barrel pocket pistol designed in the 19th Century as an easily concealable backup gun that can be drawn at speed. Despite only featuring a single-action trigger and producing a very low muzzle velocity, the D.1866's unique traits make for a powerful weapon at close range.

Included in this pack:

  • Carl Gustav M/1945 SMG
  • Trench Gun shotgun
  • Double 1866 pistol

Full Patch Notes:


As those eagle-eyed snipers among you will have already noticed, we’ve also just soft launched Beta versions of dedicated servers to Sniper Elite 5. With that in mind, we wanted to share exactly how this brand new server system will function in contrast to the dedicated servers you’re used to using in Sniper Elite 4.

We’ve now introduced Rebellion-hosted servers which will roll out in limited US and EU regions in Beta initially, with a view to fully launch in the coming months. In an effort to overcome some technical barriers new to Sniper Elite 5 and to create a smoother online Multiplayer experience, we’ve completely overhauled the previous server system.

These servers will still successfully support crossplay but will also maintain a trusted, reliable environment with sufficient bandwidth and regular map rotations. This will combat some of the challenges of peer-to-peer hosting like hosts quitting early or laggy game connection and will eventually support more Community control for online play. Access to the dedicated servers is available via the Custom Games screen only, where you’ll find a new column to help players clearly identify which servers are ours. The server names are listed below:

EU Servers:

  • Blue Viper
  • Kraken
  • Chevalier
  • Jaeger
  • Neptune

US Servers:

  • Fairburne
  • Ghost
  • Cobra
  • Detroit
  • Overlord

Whilst these servers will not allow you to adjust map selection, change server names or ban other players, we hear your requests for more community control in a server environment and are actively exploring ways we could support this in future releases. Given the Beta status of this initial release, we encourage all Community feedback as we continue to build on this system for Sniper Elite 5 and future titles.

Stay tuned for more updates via our usual community/social spaces,

The Rebellion Dev Team


  • War Factory - Player is no longer able to get stuck outside of the boiler building.
  • War Factory - Ehrlich conversation in Storage Yard area no longer contains a punctuation error when the "Phantom" is mentioned.
  • Liberation - Framerate drop around the Southern Town area no longer observed.
  • Festung Guernsey - Destroy the Kraken Prototype - The objective 'Destroy the kraken prototype' no longer remains active after destroying the facility.
  • Festung Guernsey - Destroy the kraken Prototype - 'Overload The Pressure valve' method correctly disables after completing the objective with 'Setup a Chain reaction' method.
  • Festung Guernsey - Player no longer hangs underground and falls out of the map while walking on the rubble present near the shed located near Mirus Construction.
  • Conqueror - Workbench now appears on map.
  • Conqueror - Clipping through ground no longer occurs after grenade use.


  • Landing Zone - Improper collision is no longer observed around the stone boundary wall.
  • Landing Zone - Player no longer gets stuck in the house in front of the church.
  • Error code (11202) no longer triggers and returns players to front-end after being in multiplayer for extended periods.
  • Custom lobby rulesets "Head Hunter" and "No Melee" no longer read as "Do Not Translate" (GER/FRE/ITA/SPA/JAP/SCH/TCH).
  • Pest control - Player no longer able to get stuck in-between supply crate and wall.
  • Tides of war - The command post marker no longer appears to shift incorrectly in the lobby screen of the 'Tide of War' map.
  • Tide of War - Map is no longer partially greyed out in the area around the resistance safehouse.
  • Bandages - Player can now switch to bandages while in the incapacitated state.
  • Player is no longer removed from gameplay with the message "The host has left the game 12002".


  • Point of interest markers no longer remain on the map despite discovering the area/obtaining the item marked.
  • Loadout and Customisation - Localisation - Missing translation for Leather Pad attachment now present (FRE, SPA, ITA, SCH, KOR, TCH, GER).
  • The Sun now appears correctly in daylight levels across the base Campaign + Survival, AMP and Shooting Range.
  • The appropriate D.L. Carbine reload animations are now observed while moving in normal and crouch position during gameplay.

There you have it troops. The campaign continues with an array of new weaponry to assist you on your mission. We’re looking forward to seeing the updates to your loadouts!

Stay up to date with all things Sniper Elite via our social channels on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. We periodically stream via Twitch and chat regularly with the wonderful Community via the official Rebellion Discord channel.

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