Sniper Elite 5 | Saboteur DLC & Free No-Cross Map

May 23rd 2023

Snipers, your loadout is due an upgrade. 🔫💥

The Saboteur Weapon & Skin Pack introduces two brand new devastating weapons to your arsenal. Including the lightweight, rapid fire TERA rifle and the versatile, low-recoil Grease Gun. Not only that, but Karl dons a brand new look with the French Resistance-inspired Liberator character skin.

Plus, the FREE No-Cross Map Rhine Crossing is now available across all platforms.

New Weapons:

A TERA rifle laying on a workbench with bullets strewn and an additional barrel nearby.

The TERA rifle was a lightweight adaptation of the Type 38 which was originally designed for Japanese Paratroopers. It provides a rapid rate of fire with good accuracy thanks to its low levels of recoil.

Featuring a folding stock for improved portability, the TERA is incredibly fast to equip and aim down the sight.

A Grease Gun laying on a workbench with bullets strewn nearby.

The Grease Gun SMG has great mobility that is very easy to control, even under sustained firing, thanks to its low rate of fire and recoil.

Despite its low muzzle velocity, the stability and control on offer make it a solid choice for slightly longer ranged combat encounters.

New Attire:

Karl Fariburne wears his Liberator outfit.

With your weapon cache freshly stocked, players can also now enjoy a fresh new look for Karl Fairburne with the Liberator Skin. Celebrating the liberation of Paris, Karl can now don the classic French Resistance guise adorned with signature armband.

FREE No-Cross Map:

An Axis squadron take aim with their rifles in the new Rhine Crossing map.

We know our community love No-Cross as much as we do! So for those looking to dive back into multiplayer, the FREE No-Cross map Rhine Crossing is now available across all platforms.

Based on the battle of Remagen at the Ludendorff Bridge in Germany, the new map is set at night and the iconic towers on the collapsed bridge offer the highest vantage points on either side of the No Cross zone.

With diagonal sightlines across the corners of the map and cover offered by the remains of the bridge, players will have to embrace the shadows and make use of the dark to prevail.

Patch Notes:

Alongside our usual extended patch notes listed below, we'd like to make mention of the increased number of reports we've received for the 12011 connectivity error, specifically impacting connection for some of our Xbox users and those playing with them from other platforms.

We'd like to reassure our Community that we're aware of this issue and are actively investigating a fix as a priority. We hope to roll this out in the very near future, so stay tuned for further updates in the coming days. In the meantime:


  • Landing Force - The mission map has the correct bright textures.
  • Rough Landing – Players can now access the stairs to the house.
  • Rough Landing - Officers will now no longer appear as floating heads.
  • Conqueror – Players will no longer fall out of world if they mantle onto mounted MG platform from the left side (Western MG nest).
  • Atlantic Wall - Environment level of detail no longer pops in and out as a result of camera movement. This occurs near the stack of boxes present inside the corridor leading to the generator in the Naval Battery.


  • Trip mines are now aligned with the player character's hand while planting throughout gameplay.
  • Callout subtitles for the quick chat wheel no longer overlap with the 'Give up' and 'Bleeding out' pop-ups during gameplay.
  • Sub Pen - Player character is no longer observed falling into inaccessible area after rolling multiple times beneath the metal stairs located in the Pen 9 & 10 area.
  • Survival – Player no longer encounters invisible collision while sprinting up staircase leading to Command Post A supply boxes.
  • Survival - Amongst The Rubble - Environmental level of detail no longer pops in and out while rotating the camera against the wall located near the park.
  • Survival - Amongst the Rubble - The last 18 AI spawn correctly on Wave 11 when playing Survival with 4 players.


  • Female character – Secret Weapons - Left hand of player character no longer jitters while taking aim with 'Trench Gun' in shoulder view during gameplay.
  • Female Character – The correct rechambering animation is now observed with the 'D.L. Carbine' rifle when walking in ADS view.
  • Female Character - Delay in grab animation is no longer observed for 'Win & Co 1885' rifle when taking aim in ADS view while walking.
  • Female Character - Animation blend error is no longer observed when players crawl for some time, then take aim quickly with the scoped sniper when transitioning from crouch to prone position.
  • Female Character – The proper rifle holding finger animation is observed for 'M.1903' and 'M1A Carbine' rifles after getting in crouch position while taking aim in shoulder view during gameplay.
  • All female characters' left hand is no longer observed misaligned with several secondary weapons while in incapacitated state during gameplay.
  • All SMGs and rifle are no longer observed flickering on attempting to aim while moving in prone position during gameplay.


  • (ITA/RUS/FRE) - Achievement unlock text no longer overlaps the notification area when unlocking workbenches.

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