Sniper Elite 5 | Season 2 Update & Free Content

January 24th 2023


The time has come.

You seamlessly tackled the gun batteries in Landing Force and took on legions of Axis resistance in Conqueror… but the fight isn’t over yet.

We are delighted to announce that Sniper Elite 5, Season 2 is coming and it’s coming SOON! To celebrate the news, and to reward your efforts on the front lines in Season 1, we’ve just dropped some free DLC to keep you going in the meantime.

Karl Fairburne hides behind a tree over-watching a destroyed church. Monika Grep lies prone beside him, rifle at the ready.

FREE No-Cross Map Landing Zone:

For those of you who continue the battle outside of the campaign, the wait for a new No-Cross map is finally over. Revisit the dramatic setting of Landing Zone but this time, there’s a unique twist…

Rather than the central No-Cross map divide, we’re introducing a circular divide to this map for the very first time. In this instance, that means restricting one team to the central part of the village, whilst the opposition surrounds them on all sides.

An array of additional vantage points have also been introduced to allow for more sniping opportunities so neither side should be underestimated. Good luck snipers, Landing Zone awaits…

Two soldiers are engaged in combat. They are fighting by a downed aircraft. One hides behind a wall whilst the other has recently triggered his rifle.

FREE Winter Weapons Skin Pack:

It’s still pretty arctic in these parts, so what better way to celebrate the cold, than with a FREE Winter Weapon Skin pack, available now across all platforms. Drape your rifle collection (all current base models and DLC items) in the finest icy skins. Dispatch your foes in cold style!

Karl Fairburne holds his SMG adorned with the Winter Weapons Skin wrap.

Season 2 Update:

Whilst we can’t share any exact dates on the upcoming Season 2 releases for 2023, we can tell you that the season will include:

  • 2 Campaign Missions
  • 6 Weapon Packs
  • 2 Weapon Skin Packs
  • 4 Character Skins
Karl Fairburne holds his SREM-1 sniper rifle and looks out towards a bridge on the horizon.

As well as this, we’ll be releasing several free Multiplayer Maps and a free weapons pack to keep the Community well-armed. For more top-secret Season 2 related intelligence, including a brand new weapon and map reveal, check out our very first Community update, available now on YouTube:

Sniper Elite 5 Original Soundtrack:

One final update from us here at Rebellion HQ - we’re delighted to share that the complete soundtrack for Sniper Elite 5 is available to stream, download and own now.

Featuring incredible performances from The Bratislava Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir the Sniper Elite 5 score was written and produced by composer Mark Rutherford – his fourth full game in the series.

Karl Fairburne kneels with sniper rifle at the ready. In the background an array of soldier look to move upon a seemingly defended beach.

The latest release from Rebellion Music, the Sniper Elite 5 soundtrack is available now on Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, YouTube Music, and other platforms. It joins the official soundtrack from Zombie Army 4, Evil Genius 2, Rogue Trooper, and Battlezone with more releases to come!

As usual, stay tuned via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks where we’ll be dropping more intel for Season 2.

Full Patch Notes:

Alongside the below update, we are continuing to investigate a fix that will address the size of future patches. We hear your requests for this, and appreciate the desire for a more manageable update size based on storage and download times.

Thanks for bearing with us on this one, and stay tuned for more updates in the near future! As usual, For more information and to touch bases with our support team, please head over to our Help Centre.

  • Stationary trucks are no longer being pulled away from their fixed locations unexpectedly in Mission 1, 3 and 10.
  • Occupied Residence - Player will no longer glitch or get stuck walking up the stairs from the garden towards the chateau.
  • Festung Guernsey - User will no longer die if they get close to the debris of the blown up Sub Pen.
  • DLC Weapons - Drilling - Dropping ammo now shows the correct prompts for SMG player and vice versa.
  • Conqueror – Player is no longer able to clip through the wall in the Castle Courtyard area or walk over the climbable edge.
  • Conqueror - Castle Courtyard - Player character no longer gets stuck behind the hedgehog in the Castle Courtyard area while sprinting through the wall present near the burning barrel and AA gun.
  • Conqueror - Castle - AI will no longer get stuck inside the metal cylinder located in at the north side of Castle Courtyard 2.
  • Conqueror - Players can no longer walk-through the dilapidated walls located outside.
  • Multiplayer - Alpine Resort – Players can no longer get stuck walking on the spot behind the pile of logs.
  • Multiplayer – Players no longer get error message "Could not establish a connection to online services. (11400)" when attempting to access any multiplayer feature.
  • Survival - 'Shoot for the Moon' medal now tracks progression correctly after completing the 12 waves of the 'Amongst the Rubble' DLC map.
  • Survival - Amongst the Rubble - Armoured car no longer gets stuck in a wall at the end of Wave 6 of Operation 1.
  • Survival - Pest Control - Stables - Player is no longer able to run up collision to get stuck out of bounds.

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