Sniper Elite 5 | Up Close and Personal DLC & Free Map

October 25th 2022

Allied HQ have received word that our agents in the field are in need of much-needed supplies. Strap in soldiers and prepare for a new Sniper Elite 5 supply cache, including free multiplayer map Kraken’s Lair and the Up Close and Personal Weapon and Skin Pack.

Up Close and Personal, the latest content from Season Pass One, delivers two new weapons (the Win & Co 1885 rifle and ERMA.36 submachine gun) and a tank top skin for both Karl and Monika.

Equip those binoculars and feast your eyes on the Up Close and Personal trailer:

Release the Kraken!

The new Kraken’s Lair map takes players back to the Nazi submarine pen from the Campaign as it becomes a new battleground for multiplayer conflict. Overhead walkways offer great vantage points for sniping, while you can also fight it out on the decks of the submarines and in the tight, confined spaces of the corridors.

Looking to outwit your enemy? We asked level designers Alex Spyropoulos and Josh Povey for their top tips for victory when tackling the new Multiplayer map:

The map is largely enclosed & is smaller than the other maps currently available. This gives the map a completely different look and feel that we're excited to see our Community take on in a Multiplayer scenario. The smaller spaces can lead to some close quarter combat, but it still has plenty of long-range sniping shots across and along the sub bays. Our top tips are:

  • An Explosive Finish - Use the explosives littered throughout the map to your advantage.
  • Get the Drop - Use your flanking routes carefully, this close-quarters combat will benefit from speedy manoeuvrability in the face of the enemy. We’ve placed ziplines across the map too, so you can get in and out quickly.
  • Long-Range Prowess - Whilst we won’t reveal the exact location of the perfect sniper position, we will share that there are numerous vantage points on this map….you just have to find them.
  • Chosen Arsenal - The perfect loadout for this map would prioritise fast rates of fire and plenty of control.

What are you waiting for? This free map is available NOW to all players in multiplayer across the Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All and Squad Match game modes.

Karl Fairburne holds his Erma 36 machine gun. The blast from the gun is evident from the barrel.

New styles and Weaponry

Up Close and Personal includes two new high-powered weapons as well as a new ‘Tank Top’ look for Karl and Monika. The Win & Co 1885 is a heavy-hitting rifle that, despite its restricted rate of fire, houses an enormous .50 calibre 50-110 round which can eliminate any enemy with a single shot.

This is complimented by a new submachine gun, the ERMA.36. Featuring an integral suppressor and high muzzle velocity, the ERMA.36 is a heavy but powerful stealth SMG.

  • Win & Co 1885 – Weapon Pack (Rifle + Attachments)
  • ERMA.36 – Weapon Pack (Submachine Gun + Attachments)
  • Tank Top - Character Skin (Karl and Monika variants)
Karl Fairburne stands with his Win & Co 1885 rifle, hidden just out of sight from nearby Axis forces. A large anti air gun can be seen in the background.

See you on the battlefield snipers. The Axis is not done yet!

Patch Notes

In addition to the new content being released, the team have addressed the following issues in the latest update. This includes a resolve for the Thousand Metre Stare Medal which can now be unlocked as expected and a fix for the Connection to the game has been terminated (12050) error impacting some players. Other fixes include:

  • Players are now able to join a Host via the in-game friends list.
  • The Thousand Metre Stare Medal now unlocks correctly when the player hits the 1000m target in the Shooting Range.
  • Festung Guernsey - Mirus Construction - Player character no longer falls out of bounds after jumping over a wall present near the construction site.
  • Trident Beachhead - Beach Ruins - Black texture can no longer be seen near the Tank
  • Axis Invasion – If the invader is killed by a moving friendly vehicle, the correct reason for their death is now observed.
  • Free-For-All - 'Restart' button is no longer greyed out on the accomplishments screen.
  • Character Customisation - German Scientists coat no longer clips through the red armband when in multiplayer skins menu.
  • EAC - 'The connection to the game has been terminated (12050)' error should no longer be observed.
  • Picking up enemy dead bodies now works as expected.
  • Karl no longer does a seal animation glitch when using pistol.
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.

As usual, thank you for your patience and support as we work through these issues. For any additional queries, please contact our support team. Or head over to our help centre for additional guidance and FAQs.

Stay up to date with all things Sniper Elite via our social channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We stream most Thursdays via Twitch and chat regularly with the wonderful Community via the official Rebellion Discord channel.

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